Chairman's Message


Warm Greetings from SEWA!

At the outset, please accept my heartiest welcome.
I presumed that you have already heard somewhat about our organization and visiting our web portal would meet your expectations, and allows you to discover more about our organization as well as our working culture along with our self-made promise of being the torch bearers of bringing the constructive changes to our society. With the aim of working for the vulnerable class of the society and give everyone a smooth livelihood, SEWA was started in 2012 and got registered in 26th of November, 2014. SEWA is not just an organization or workplace for me; it is rather a platform for me and my team members where we can exhibit our every responsibility towards the society. While setting up the organization I met a lot of people who shared my view of changing the society in a positive way. I feel fortunate that those people who believe in bringing positive change to the society are in my team.

We as a social Organization mainly focuses on Livelihood improvement of the people and hence, we believe that for all around development we should focus on Socio-Economic, Cultural and Educational, Research and Development, Agriculture and Farming that even should include our responsibilities towards a healthy Environment. And that’s why all our projects mainly focus on these sectors and henceforth our past and ongoing projects have been able to generate employment opportunity for the unemployed youth and the women by inducing skills to the unskilled, replacing outdated techniques to advance technologies and so on. Although this past six years has been a kind of roller coaster ride for me, but the support and cooperation of my homeland people and administration has always been a driving force for me and I can’t thank them enough with words.

More-strengthly enough, I am just a face to our stories of success but all our dreams would not meet their appropriate action without the dedication and hard work of our team members who have shared in our incredible journey so far. Their contribution is just a prodigy for me which I can’t even dream of alone!

We are looking forward to continue to serve and support all of you in the future in every possible way and people like you are our main source of motivation and to push our limits every single day.

We are thankful for your valuable time!

Bibek Bora

Chairman, SEWA