SEWA’s Sectors of Social Responsibility

We as an NGO mainly focuses on Livelihood improvement of the people and hence we belief that for all around development the following sectors should be given equal importance.


We as an organization of the poor, organize vulnerable workers for full deployment of work security, income security, and food security including health care, child care and shelter. Helping people to achieve goals of full employment and self-reliance through the strategy of struggle and development.

Cultural and Educational

Education and Culture has deep relations with social upbringing and we at SEWA strictly adhere to those roots of the society. SEWA has so far organized several awareness camps on productive activities for the people of rural and semi-urban areas and helping youths and women to start up an alternate livelihood through setting up of micro & small enterprises .Various plantation and cultural programs that are carried out at different schools and colleges are our frequent occurrence.

Research and Development

Being in the 21st century, progressive learning is the only key to survive resourcefully. Keeping that in mind we always have an active R&D wing. Some of our research and development work includes Mobile and Web applications , growth of Micro industry and their problems in Rural areas, Plastic and their adverse effect on environment, Community studies and their alternate ways of livelihood. Also some of our research work waiting for publication in some of the leading online Journals. Besides we have designed various products like bamboo water bottle, bamboo furniture’s and crafts, thermal efficient biomass cook stoves etc. either in collaboration or single handedly.

Agriculture and Farming

Our prime area of operation, North-East India, has a very rich vegetative growth and people are mainly dependent on Agriculture for a living. So, we at SEWA mainly focuses on development of Agro-industries along with innovative and commercially viable agricultural practices. We are successful to some extend to create a good number of farmers growing Tea, varieties of Rice plants, Nuts, Organic Vegetables and Bamboo through our training and guidance programs from time to time. Besides we are able to help a lot of rural Youths earn a revenue through Cow rearing and dairy products, Goat rearing, Piggery, Fishery and Integrated farming programs.


Besides this we have a dedicated wing for bamboo plantation and bamboo products development. We are into massive bamboo plantation and management covering an area of more 8,720 Bighas for mainly generating Bio-fuel from Bamboo in collaboration with a leading Petroleum oil based PSU of India. We are also working with various bamboo based organization for bamboo policy frame work and value addition of bamboo and bamboo-based industry. We along with a handful of bamboo Craftsmen of our locality have developed and designed various bamboo products and furniture which are getting an increasing demand day by day. Those include Bamboo-shoot and bamboo Vinegar: lightweight, decorated, foldable bamboo furniture; Drinking Water Bottle of Bamboo, Music amplifier, Straws, decorative items, Bamboo Charcoal and Briquetting etc.

Environment and Carbon emission

Last but not the least, how can we not be grateful to our mother nature. Owing to which environment awareness camps, cleanliness drives and plantation programs are a common occurrence from time to time. We are happy to mention that, SEWA is the care taker of a vast forest land covering an area 46,250 Bighas at Singloo Pathar under Abhaipur Reserve Forest of Charaideo District,Assam, where we are currently conducting Our Bamboo Forest Management Program. We are really aware of the alarming rates of Carbon emission by 6 Green House Gases and its adverse effects on environment. So, we have come together with an US based organisation to work on carbon credits by reducing GHGs emission be it through replacement and disposal of Incandescent Lights, High Thermal efficient Biomass Cook-stove distribution, Ceramics and Lime production etc. We have also build a community development and tourist attraction center at Charaideo District, from where we set out for our daily goals of Cleaner, Greener and Healthier tomorrow

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