Project “Compello” is one of the most anticipated programs runs by SEWA in association with Rastriya Gramin Vikash Nidhi (RGVN). The main objective behind the program is women empowerment or rather a Skill Development program for Women and make them independent of their Male person for earning so that the women also contribute a good portion for the financial health of the family. Although this designated for women in forest fringe areas of Karimganj and Charedeo districts, later women in hundredths from other districts joined this program and the majority of them belong to families of farmers, agricultural laborers, small businessmen or even daily wagers. The participants are basically trained about Aggarbatti sticks (Incense sticks) manufacturing and setting up a micro-level industry. In addition, they were also taught about financial literacy to manage their earnings and they were also made a group of 5-6 women as Self-Help-Groups (SHGs). This program has taught the participants the following:

a) Preparation of raw bamboo sticks both by hand and machine.

b) Preparation and selection of raw Charcoal for sticks

c) Sticking of charcoal to each single stick and drying both by hand and machine

d) Scenting and packaging of the sticks

e) Complete use of the two types of Aggarbatti making machines and its Troubleshooting.

At the closure of this program we are happy that our training rendered an appreciated impact as they have gathered the skill to run at least a micro-level Agarbatti producing industries and many of them took financial aid from banks and set up sustainable small scale producer industries and even running successfully today; others even became bulk raw sticks suppliers to leading Incense sticks producing companies with the active participation of their male members. We have still such 350 SHGs working actively and achieving new heights of self-sustainability.